We are on a mission to empower each student in special education with a customized educational plan which will help them have a successful educational path.


Kindergarten throuth 5th grade


Children from  grades 6-8


Children from grades 9-12

Brainiac Center was founded by a School Psychologist with the intent of providing services to schools in need of psychoeducational assessment completion due to a high demand for special education services, and to empower each individual in special education with a customized plan.

Angelica Herrera M.S PPS

Founder and Director of Psychoeducational Service

Angelica received her M.S. and PPS credential in School Psychology through the University of La Verne. She wanted to give back to her community, and as a bilingual School Psychologist of 7 years, she has been able to bridge the gap between families, schools and the special education world.

Neema Mahdavian

Co-Founder & CFO 

Neema Mahdavian is an executive with 15+ years of experience in the business industry. As part of the Brainiac Center team, Neema now extends his entrepreneurial and financing experience to establish and nurture Brainiac Center and its services as he also brings his passion to work with schools that will nurture a cohesive community between the school, parents, and the Brainiac Center.

The services being offered are initial and terminal assessments, academic assessments, and DIS Counseling. At Brainiac, we provide Developmentally Appropriate assessments based on each student’s individualized needs.

Cognitive Ability & Processing


Spanish Assessments

Social Emotional/Behavioral and Adaptive Scales

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